The Wild Drivers Trophy

The much coveted and always hotly contested Sir A Roger trophy is an engineering masterpiece, built sturdily to withstand the 25 years it spent lodged in toxic sludge at the bottom of the Bootle canal, before being rescued and restored to its former glory. It is believed that Sir A Roger himself is residing in that same sludge at the bottom of the canal, following a heavy night in the Jawbone pub, when he decided to take a shortcut home by swimming across the canal. Legend has it that he didn't make it.

The names of the Wild Drivers annual tournament winners are engraved on the base of the trophy, using an unusual advanced engraving technique originally created by the 3M Corporation. Several attempts have been made by scurvy rascals over the years to steal this stunning trophy, but all have been foiled by simple admonitions from the Wild Drivers to 'feck off or I'll give yer a feckin' kick in the bollocks'.

The trophy remains one of the most sought after rewards in world sports today.