The Slovakian Tour - 2002
Wild Drivers representatives were invited to the opening of the first 18 hole golf course - The Gray Bear, at Tale in Northern Slovakia on Thursday the 8th August 2002. The event was quite spectacular with a champagne breakfast, accompanied by an 18 piece orchestra. The Slovakian television network and journalists covered the proceedings from a hot air balloon some 20 metres off the ground, and Tony Jacklin opened the course by setting the flag on the 18th green. The Wild Drivers representatives were welcomed by the Slovakian government and officials, and the 'Texas Scramble' commenced at 11.00am. The weather and the company was excellent, and the champagne, brandy, and other liquors offered by the hostesses on each hole was much welcomed. Mr Jacklin asked that his photograph be taken with the Wild Drivers, and he made enquiries about joining the boys on a future tour. Mr Peter Vallant, a business colleague of one of the Wild Drivers, and Ivo Strelic, were instrumental in arranging the attendance of the Wild Drivers at this historic event. Some 300 people attended the opening of the golf course, and the Wild Drivers have been invited again when in the country.