Scottish Tour 2006

Well now, the Wild Drivers finally made it up to the home of golf, St Andrews in Fife, and as usual, the crowds had to be restrained as the boys eagerly teed off into a stiff wind on the Jubilee course. However, the weather was stunningly sunny and warm, necessitatin' the need to drop a Guinness or two or three on a frequent basis, an' to be fair, the Lundin Links was well stocked in that respect. George 'the skirt' Barrow joined us this year and showed us all just what poor form we were in, an' we all vowed to do a 100 press ups before the next round. We did, honest. We did! I'm tellin' you we did! Anyhow - the 'Sir A Rogers' trophy was won by Frisco Pete who either bribed the handicap committee or played outstandin' golf. O'i think it was the former if the truth be known.

Courses Played

Lundin Ladies Golf Course (well, Simon wanted to play it, so we did)

Crail Balcomie Links

St Andrews Jubilee Course

Burntisland Golf Club

Kirkcaldy Golf Club

Charleton Golf Club

Ladybank Golf Club

St Andrews Strathyrum Course