Pen Pictures


Godfrey (the Laird of Longton) is the only 'Leftie' in the Wild Drivers, and as a left hander he has learnt the art of driving the ball further into the rough than most. He has been known to wear wellies on wet days as he tramples through the long grass but is always tipped as a good each way bet to win any competition. He has the swinging & putting style of Phil Mickleson, but prefers to putt a dead ball rather than one that is moving! Born in Cork, and knows the south of Ireland like the back of his hand. Knees are getting dodgy now, but seem to improve when the money comes out.


Peter (Lord Ogmore of Florida) is a splendid chap, so he says. Finished consulting out in Rio where he taught the Brazil Nuts how to crack the banking systems. An official taster for Jamesons whiskey and often referred to as Ireland's answer to Tiger Woods - in his dreams. Peter can hit a ball with his putter further than most Scousers go on holiday, will claim lack of practice (he's never at home), but will sink gallons of Guinness or Heavy or whatever he can get in a glass. Took the Sir A Rogers trophy back Stateside following the 2007 tour. That was many years ago!


James 'Phoneman' Dolce. International playboy. A hasbeen Wild Drivers champion and is currently the biggest bandit north of Watford. Used to be sponsored by Ford's Transit division, but with scores well over 100, that didn't last long. Knackered from a tour of Australia & New Zealand where he says he had a 100% record in all events. (He would say that, wouldn't he?) Won F.A. It is doubtful if he will be a Wild Drivers champion in the next year or two as the other members have recognised his creative accounting of the scorecards.


The Hon. Simon Ellery, a scholar and gentleman, commonly known as Biggles. A professional golfer who used to on rare occasions covertly work for the British government investigating the world's aeronautical industry. Now a spent force and has retired gracefully.  A voracious eater & drinker with a penchant for monkfish remains - from anybody else's plate! A previous holder of the 'Sir A Roger Cup, in mint condition' (the most sought after trophy in world sport today ). Was once an experienced golfer on the Turnberry & Prestwich courses, but sadly is fading fast. Always a favourite to win Wild Driver competitions.



Pete Hamman, (Frisco Pete) an ex member of the South African Secret Service, and once upon a time a true expert in the art of conning companies all over the world - a proper consultant. Now a hotel owner of the wonderful Glazebrook House Hotel in Devon. Look it up. Superb. Pete is the founder of that well known putting stroke 'The Twitch' now adopted by many golfers the world over. He always uses his golfing handicap to compensate for his devilish good looks and will have the girls chasing him down the fairways. Always a good outside bet.



General (Retd.) John Swarbrick GSM, VD and Scar, and other gongs. Now retired, and after a distinguished career defending the Realm and Empire around the world against swine and non-golfers and oiling the wheels of industry, John has settled in his native Lancashire where he tries to find time to do all the things he managed to do when working. He used to draw (hook) the ball but now fades (slices) it. When it does go straight, it goes a country mile, and being slight in stature, John must have the highest power to weight ratio on the tour. Overall winner of the 2006 Scottish Tour and always in with a chance in the money stakes.



An outstanding golfer with a 3 handicap. Where did he get that from! Well, it wasn't from the Wild Drivers, I can tell you that. Greg lives close to Royal Lytham St Annes - need I say more than that. Has a liking for a few pints of the black stuff, which sadly doesn't affect his game. Was seen trying to show his Dad how to fade and hit left to right. Didn't work!
Looking forward to Greg's presence on future trips, and his attempts to improve the bad habits the Wild Drivers now have.


Patrick 'McGinty' O'Sullivan, an Irishman of note (who came across a fortune and bought himself a goat, etc.), is the only Wild Driver who actually lives in Ireland today.   A software wizard on the payroll of the CIA, he oversees the functioning of the US Banking system (and occasionally breaks it for fun) from his home in County Cork.   With 23 kids, and more on the way, (he's just started going out at weekends) Pat doesn't get a lot of time for golf, but he still plays to a par 11 a bandit indeed!!    Much loved by the landladies for his fine Irish charm and good looks!!!         



Dan is a tremendous talent for the game of golf, always pushing his shots to the limit, exploring new boundaries, usually the ones with white posts (Out of Bounds). He has the perfect golf address, but sadly the rest is on a par with the average Wild Driver - got hoarse shouting FORE all the time, but eased his throat with copious quantities of the black stuff and a few Jack Daniels after. Considering a hair transplant to complement his modern good looks, but with Hannah and young Judeto look after, that's on the backburner. Loved the Green Hat on the Sligo tour.



Paul quickly picked up the banditry skills of the Wild Drivers with ease, having honed his golfing skills on the lush fairways in Bermuda for some years. In Sligo 2016, he picked up the 'New Boy Frying Pan' following a 58 point score during his stay of 3 days, and led some of the boys astray during the evenings in Sligo. Now a resident of the Emerald Isle, living in the great city of Dublin. Wore the famous Wild Drivers waistcoat on his 1st day on the Yorkshire coast tour.


Joined the Wild Drivers on their 2014 tour to Charleston, and easily settled in to the lifestyle of the modern Wild Driver golfer. Out to 3 in the morning most days, coupled with a gallon of Guinness. Didn't affect his game until the 2nd day when he lost 31 balls during his round. But for sure, these things happen from time to time. A total gentleman most of the time, and trying to get his handicap down to what his son's is - 4. Ah well, John - keep trying.


Peter was born in Czechoslovakia, but has spent most of his life in Bratislava. Got into golf in the 90s and has played extensively in the UK, Europe & the USA. He's the studious guy in the Wild Drivers, and prefers a slivovitz such as a Becherovka or a Borovicka rather than the black stuff. Peter likes ice hockey, but rumour has it he's also a secret fan of Manchester Utd. Oh Dear! Attempts have been made to help him appreciate the magic of Everton, but so far he can't see the beauty.
Peter is a steady golfer who makes few mistakes, and took the Sir A Roger Trophy, in mint condition, on the 2016 Sligo tour.