The 2023 Tour

Well - the mini tour's been and gone, and it was a great bit of craic seein' the boys again.

Now - there's talk going on that the US or China might be next. Well, yers have got to spread yer wings, don't yer think? No, only kidding. Probably back to Ireland, or maybe the IOM again. That WAS a good tour!

 And as for the young Wild Drivers? With a bit of luck they're comin' with us next year!

And now - a good Irish limerick for yers:

There was a young golfer from Thurles

Got stung on the arse by a wasp

When asked if it hurt, he said no not at all

It can do it again if it likes

Regards from Godfrey, Peter, Simon, Piet, Jim, Greg, Paul, Dan, Pat & Mick..