The 2019 Tour

Well - another absolute stunning week during 2019 in thonder country called Yorkshire, good fun, good food, good weather, good craic.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the inception of the Wild Drivers, and so its going to be an extended tour back to God's country. Killarney, Tralee and maybe Galway will be places we might visit, an' there's all sorts of rumours flying about that Shane Lowry might be joining us for a few days. Well, we are of course, famous boys now. As you know, we're not spring chickens any more, more like mature turkeys, but we'll be fit as a fiddle for May next year, to be sure, to be sure now. And of course we'll keep yers updated on the big event, sure indeed we will.

 And as for the young Wild Drivers? Course they're comin' with us next year!

And now - a good Irish limerick for yers:

There was a young golfer from Thurles

Got stung on the arse by a wasp

When asked if it hurt, he said no not at all

It can do it again if it likes

Regards from Godfrey, Peter, Simon, Philly, Piet, Jim, Greg, Paul, Dan, Pat & Mick..