The 2018 Tour

Well - another absolute stunner during 2017 in the deep south of Wales, good fun, good food, good weather, good craic. Sure what more does a Wild Driver want?

There's a firm rumour goin' on that next year's tour could be in the Isle of Man. (hope they sell Guinness there) So the boys have been lyin' low after the exertions in Wales (we're not spring chickens any more, more like mature turkeys) and will meet again in the New Year to discuss arragements and to keep yers updated. And as for the young Wild Drivers? Course they're comin' with us next year!

And now - a good Irish limerick for yers:

There was a young golfer from Sligo

Got stung in the neck by a bee

When asked if it hurt, he said no not at all

It can do it again if it likes

Regards from Godfrey, Peter, Simon, Philly, Piet, Jim, John S, John F., Greg, Paul & Dan