The Northern Ireland Tour - 2004
Well, would yers just look at the foine weather the Wild Drivers had when they visited the northern outreaches of Ireland, and as usual the fans turned up in their thousands at Belfast to meet the boys. Mike Curwen & Tony Hobin joined the group this year, and the fun started with a trip round Belfast, and a quick visit to a bar to sample the you know what. One of the Wild Drivers was asked to remove his cap in the bar. Disgraceful manners! And the transport? A shockin' specimen of mangled rust in an off white colour with dents and scratches down both sides called a van. A FRENCH van which liked to steer in different directions, had been round the clock many times, and dropped oil on the road like yers have niver seen before. But it went, and it didn't let the boys down. And off to the Giants Causeway, Portrush, Castlerock & Ballycastle the Wild Drivers did go. A visit to Bushmills followed one evening, and regrettably none of the Wild Drivers can remimber much about the event, except it was brilliant and the drinks were free. If yers are lookin' for a good specimen of whiskey, look no further than Jameson Redbreast if yer visit these parts.
So - on down to Bangor, to sample Royal County Down Golf Club, Bangor and others. Six austrian female golfers were stayin' at the hotel sure they were, and the Wild Drivers enjoyed their hospitality both on & off the golf courses during the week. A visit to Belfast took the Wild Drivers to the John Hewitt in the cathedral district of the city. What a great bar with bags of atmosphere, and the irish music to go with it. Sure now, if yers are visitin' Belfast, this is a place yer must have a look at.
And so - the tour came to a close - with the boys having played every day. A great week with some great golf sure indeed, and a return visit to this part of Ireland will have to be made.


Courses Played


Royal Portrush



Royal County Down