The Cotswolds Tour 2015

Well, what foine weather we had down in the depths of the Cotswolds. The fans were out in big numbers as usual, greetin' us all as we arrived at the Swan Inn at Wootton under Edge, a tidy little village tucked away in the middle of nowhere. The Guinness had travelled well, courtesy of Arthur's boys, and David Cameron, who lives down the road, joined us for a nightcap. He was last seen leaving the Swan about 3am falling asleep against a lampost on the High Street. Its all fun and capers when you join the Wild Drivers! So - off to the Lodge at Canon Court Mews next day - a sort of communal country hideaway where we could lie low and avoid trouble. The golf was simply outstandin', and I mean that, apart from Phoneman Dolcie using a decrepit SatNav and taking us up some dirty lanes leading to the back of beyond! But the Kendleshire Golf Complex was good, the Players Club was good, and the Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club was even better, because yours truly picked up the 'Waistcoat'!! You can see me in the pictures! But hey - do you know who got the Green Jacket? I can't remember - thats shockin' isn't it? And we visited a Micro Brewery - I can't describe the state of some of the Wild Drivers leaving those premises. I saw somebody crawlin' out on all fours and another singing the National Anthem! I don't know how we got home that night. Nearly as bad as the Bushmills Distillery visit on our Norn' Ireland tour some years ago. But the tour was the business. Good craic, good golf - well you know what I mean, good food, and you know - its not a bad part of the world to visit. And we played golf every day, with the help of buggies from time to time. Ah well, there's next year to look forward to!

Courses Played

Cotswold Edge

Kendleshire Golf Club (twice)

The Players Club (twice)

Cleobury Mortimer