The Cork Tour - May 2005

And back to God's country the Wild Drivers did venture. All of Cork county heard about the tour and the boys found great difficulty gettin' past the hordes of fans and locals who invaded Cork airport in the early hours of Saturday the 14th. But sure the scene was set for a great tour, and with the yankee Wild Drivers on board, the tour commenced at Fernhill Golf & Country Club, just south of the airport. Bob Parks from Chicago joined the Wild Drivers this year, arriving with the two Petes, also from the US.
The first task for the Wild Drivers was to sample the Guinness, which had been specifically brewed on the Saturday, and it was a nice start to the day when the boys could catch up on the news and have a chinwag before the real competition started. And boy, was it some competition. That Wild Driver, who never hits a bad shot, took the prize at the end of the week. BIGGLES ELLERY did it, and was awarded with the Sir Alfred Rodgers trophy, an antique relic fished out of the canal in Bootle some time back in the eighties. He gets to remove the tarnish, and have it like new for next year.
The Wild Drivers stayed at the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty. Well - all we can say is it was flippin' great. The staff bent over backwards, well yer know what Oi mean, just to help, and a German oompah band, having heard the Wild Drivers were in town, decided to stop at the hotel for a week to entertain us. On our departing night, the oompah band invited the residents of Clonaklity to a barbie at the hotel - free food, free drinks, free tee-shirts. What more could a Wild Driver want, so it was dancing the night away with the local damsels to the rythm of the oompah band. Ooh - some of the Wild Drivers had a bad head next morning!
After golf courses at Kinsale, Bantry Bay & Mahoney's Point, Killarney, the Wild Drivers headed back into Cork, staying at the Country Club hotel to the north of the city. Cork is the cultural city of Europe for the year 2005, and the flags were out to greet the Wild Drivers on their visit to the city. The clubs were vibrant, non smoking of course, as all the Wild Drivers are, and the craic was plentiful in the dens of iniquity which the WDs visited during their stay. What a great place Cork is. Autographs were given freely, and it was often difficult to get away from the constant requests to sign yet another piece of paper. That's life when yer famous. But the Guinness - what can we say. A gallon a day keeps the doctor away. Bob Parks dropped a gallon and a half on some days, and so the rest of us joined him. It played some havoc with the you know whats, but thats the price you pay for a bit of fun. You're a great man, Bob.
And would yers believe it. The Wild Drivers, perchance, noticed some golf clubs discarded in a dustbin in Cork. John Swarbrick, that eagle eyed hawk, noticed a package sticking up out of a bin close to the city centre. A 2 iron, a left handed Calloway Big Bertha driver & a Taylor Made right handed driver - free gratis. Thats Ireland fer yers. A generous country it is fer sure.
A great tour, one that will be remembered for a long time. Great sunshine at times, great rain at times, but the Wild Drivers will always return to Ireland. Having said that, its SCOTLAND next year. And yes, there is a likelihood that kilts might be worn during the tour. We're a fun society that like to follow tradition.

Golf Clubs played during the tour
Fernhill Golf & Country Club
Kinsale Golf Club
Bantry Bay Golf Club
Mahoney's Point, Killarney
Monkstown Golf Club
Fota Island Golf Club
Cork Golf Club
Water Rock Golf Club