As I'm sure yers have all realised, the Wild Drivers have never visited Wales for a tour, and so it came to pass this year. Swansea, now a Premier League football side stuck out as a suitable place, close to the coast with several fine links courses nearby. But would you believe they allow cows to roam the fairways and do their do doos all over the place! I'm told you get a free drop if your ball lands on a cow patty. That's kind of them! And of course, the Wild Drivers' long term sponsor, Arthur Guinness, would sort out the liquid refreshments, no mean feat in this RED part of the world. So, it was red shirts for the boys this time, much to the disdain of Phoneman Dolce, whose aversion to the colour is unparallelled. Blue blood runs through his veins, ever since he stepped into the boys pen at Everton FC back in the 60s. Greg joined the boys again this year, Paul and Dan are newly married boys and had 'responsibilities. Paul is a Dad to Hazel, born in March, and Dan is finding out what its all about. Greg was seen giving advice and encouragement to the elders, but sadly his well meaning words fell on stony ground. You see. the boys are getting on a bit and are becoming forgetful, buggies are a common sight, and 'bed early' has started to feature. Oh Dear! But nevertheless, out on the golf course its all go. Left, right, into the rough. We're getting good at looking for balls now. Plenty of experience at that. Awards? Well, the Green Hat did the rounds again. Biggles Ellery took the Salver home. Philly the Bat won the most coveted and hotly contested Sir A Roger Cup, in mint condition, one of the most sought after trophies in world sport today. Costing 4 pence in Woolworths in 1951, it has recently been valued at 75 pence. You must remember that it is the status of winning this incredible trophy that is the important issue. Drinks? 931 pints of Guinness went down, 1 pint of lager, 2 white wines and a bottle of still water. As you can see things haven't changed. A great tour, great weather, great fun! And wait for it - next year we go to the Isle of Man!



Ashburnum (twice)

Gower Golf Club

Machynys Peninsula


Langland Bay