The 2008 visit to Sligo was a cracker, and so the boys returned to this great town for their latest tour, this time with three young Wild Drivers, Paul Dennis, Greg Flanagan & Dan Ainsworth joining us. Facebook & Twitter had spread the news of the Wild Drivers' return to Sligo, and their very reputation attracted big crowds to the town and onto the fairways during the week. And - Oh Boy! What a divil of a great week we had! The sun shone every day, the Guinness was outstandin', Shoot the Crows and Earlies had the craic and music, and the Glass House was the place to stay, right in the heart of Sligo. Now - the golf. Ah well, the young Wild Drivers were a bit good you see, leavin' the seniors trailin' in their wakes at times. Paul clearly was the bandit, scoring 58 points during their 3 day stay, Greg had 57 & Dan 36. Mind you, Greg plays off 4! So he collected the Bully Tankard for being the best virgin Driver, Paul picked up the 'New Boy Frying Pan' and Dan took a liking to the Green Hat! The Sunday Salver went to Biggles Ellery, Piet is custodian of the Green Hat until next year, Philly was the overall winner of the tour with 174 points and receives the Green Jacket (who has it boys? Its gone missin'!), and Jim holds the Waistcoat for another year. Peter Valent won the much coveted and always hotly contested Sir A Roger trophy, in mint condition, one of the most sought after trophies in world sport today, currently insured for 75pence. It goes off to Slovakia for a year. Oh yes - a good week! And now the stats. 931 pints of Guinness were consumed, 37 pints of lager, 16 pints of Smethwicks, 48 bottles of red wine, 29 bottles of white wine, 42 Jack Daniels and Coke, 432 tots of Jamesons and 2 bottles of mineral water. And we all wore green shirts for the Sir A Roger competition - an' we all looked grand - to be sure, to be sure! Now - take a look at all those photographs..........



Rosses Point

Strandhill (twice)

Castle Dargan (twice)