The 2014 Tour - Charleston, South Carolina

 As usual, the boys arrived to huge crowds - at Atlanta & Charleston albeit in torrential rain, fit as butchers dogs despite a long flight journey, on which a passenger had to be ejected. A late Guinness in the hotel made up for the hassle, and we slept well on the 1st night, particularly Biggles Ellery, who had sampled every wine and cocktail on the plane coming over. The sun popped up next morning and that's the way it stayed for the week. John Flannagan joined the WDs for the week, and put to good use his organisational skills making all the social arrangements. Charleston is a wonderful city, but don't be trying that fried chicken and fried everything else nonsense that some of the big restaurants want you to eat. The golf was stunning, but one had to watch out for the alligators in the creeks, the spiders & the snakes, so if yer ball was in the rough - it could be a bit dodgy. And there was Phoneman Dolcie in his shorts prancing through the vegetation looking for balls, just waiting for a nip from something in the nether regions. He got away scot free, only because he didn't have a shower all week! Nightlife downtown was great fun and the WDs were welcomed wherever they went. I mean, we are famous now, and autograph hunters were out in their hordes. Philly the Bat picked up the Sir A Roger Trophy (in mint condition) - we're going to have to nobble him next year. And Simon, having played well all week, retained the Green Jacket. (the swine) The Guinness flowed as usual, not quite up to the standard of the Liffey water variety, but good nevertheless. A great week as yer will see in the photos, and over before yer know it.



Courses played

Dunes West

Charleston National

Wild Dunes Harbor

Coosaw Creek

Links at Stono Ferry

River Towne