The 2013 Tour - Letterkenny, Ireland

And so the boys landed at Belfast City airport on the 11th May from all parts of the world - Liverpool, Preston, the Midlands, Bolton, Florida & San Francisco, to the rapturous greetings from two drunk Scottish lassies nursing their sore heads in the Cafe Nero. Sadly this airport had no Guinness facilities available for the Wild Drivers to celebrate with!!!!! No Guinness I tell you! And begorrah - we weren't going to drink Cafe Nero, thats fer sure! So, once we'd picked up our Corrigans Rental van with a dicky door from a trading estate on the Falls Road, we headed off in a westerly direction out of the city, despite Jim's protestations that we were going the wrong way and would end up in the sea, to find a proper bar to sample the black stuff. And would yer believe it, there was KELLYS at the side of the road about half way to Letterkenny, where we tucked in to something or other washed down with a quart of the black stuff. Twas grand, it was! Do yer see those green glasses in the picture? Yer had to wear those for teeing off - if yer came last on the previous day. Not an easy thing to do, because you couldn't see through them which made it harder! Shocking business playing golf on a Wild Drivers trip. But you know up in this northern part of the world you don't see the Yanks (they head for Killarney & the south) and so the green fees are low. And the courses are out of this world, so scenic running down the side of the coast. Aye, tis grand on a Wild Drivers tour! And orange shirts for this tour! Weren't we brave wearing orange shirts. Bright Orange - stuck out like beacons on the golf course! But you know, Letterkenny's a nice wee spot to stay, and the Clanree hotel provided us with all the fun & entertainment yer could wish for. Bingo nights, line dancing, over 80s single nights, and Karaoke! No I'm only kidding! PhoneMan Jim won the Sir A Roger Cup, in mint condition, and Biggles Ellery the Green Jacket, which he forgot to bring with him! And Philly, well what can I say about Philly, the bandit! He achieved the highest score over the week, despite playing in single figures at the end of the week. But the weather was OK, the food and drinkie poos were certainly OK, the golf and company was great, and we're all lyin' low nursing the aches and pains. Its going to be somewhere far away next year, so another 4 months or so and we'll have some news for yers.



Courses played

Ballybofey & Stranolar 


Dunfanaghy (twice) 

Portsalon (twice)