The 2012 Tour - Slovakia & Austria

On the 19th May 2012 it happened. The Wild Drivers touched down at Bratislava airport early morning, and were immediately escorted through the crowds to their base for the tour, the Abba Hotel in the city centre. Within minutes the boys were esconsed in the old town to take in the UK football playoffs and to await the arrival of the USA Wild Drivers who were coming in from Vienna. Eight lagers were under 10 euros! Eight pints of Guinness in Ireland - 40 euros! Wow! Understandably, by evening time, the boys were out enjoying themselves in the alleys and squares of the city, listening to the music, giving out autographs and mingling with the fans in the sunshine. Got to keep up the PR. And so the next day, the serious matters commenced. As the heads began to clear, the boys attempted driving off at the Malacky course, and yer won't want to know where the balls were landing. Well OK then. The pine trees on either side throughout the fairways were clearly a hazard, and the crack of ball against wood was a familiar sound throughout the day. A bundle of balls disappeared on the first round! Biggles's trolley decided to do its own thing and took off down a slope into a bunker below - we all had a good laugh at that one. Ha. Ha. And so the week developed. One day with thunder and lightning, and game abandoned on the 7th hole, but overall the weather was great, the hotel was great, the food was great and the company was great. Hainburg golf course in southern Austria brought fond memories back, of when some years ago Phone Man and myself met Seve Ballesteros. This course is a gem, scenic, full of trouble, but don't let that put you off. Incidentally, some golfers in this part of the world play off handicaps of up to 54. Yes - 54! And the Wild Drivers met up again with IVO, our Wild Driver who lives in Bratislava, and who was able to organise and tailor our tour accordingly. Many thanks Ivo, for all your help.Now take some time and look at the pictures, and you'll see we had the time of our lives, fraternisin' and gettin' to know the place. Golf is catchin' on over here, and you might want to spend a long weekend in Bratislava sometime. Georgie Porgie won the Sir A Roger trophy (in mint condition) and Biggles Ellery took the Green Jacket home, having played rather well during the week. Peter won the Sunday Salver, and I won't tell yers who wore the green hat during the week.



Courses played


Hainburg (twice)


Welten (twice)