The 2011 Tour - Killarney, Ring of Kerry & Dingle

On the 21st May 2011, the Wild Drivers touched down again in Ireland, landing at Cork airport, and made their way through the crowds greeting them at the terminal building. They were soon on their way to Killarney, their base for this tour of the south west corner of the Emerald Isle. The Castle Rosse hotel has to be highly recommended for the quality of the place and the great welcome and service the Wild Drivers received during their stay. The Guinness was of the highest quality - Arthur had seen to that, and there was talk that he might be coming down to join us for a day or two! Paddy (the Irish Wild Driver from Cork) joined the boys for our 1st round at Dooks. I think he wished he hadn't as the gale force wind hampered the playing standards and caused havoc with not only the scores, but the boys themselves. Blown away - is an understatement - but when you've booked to play golf you play! Great craic at night in Killarney town - O'Connors, and the Grand Hotel to mention but a few, and a great take away in College Street, where the boys indulged each night in the early hours. Tom particularly favoured the 'battered sausage'. The boys travelled the Ring of Kerry as they made their way to Waterville, and eventually out to Dingle and its golf club, the most western club in Ireland. The rough was rough! So rough, it was rough trying to find your ball! In fact it was so rough rough, you just gave up! And John said he only lost 1 ball at Dingle? Yea, sure! And the sun shone at Mahoney's Point. Birdies during the week? Not many this time, but plenty of bogies, doubles and triples. You know who took the Sir A Roger trophy, in mint condition, and the Green Jacket? Kevin Darbyshire. He wears the jacket to work, only one he's got! Tom's heartbroken, he wanted it back, but not to worry. He got another Easyjet lifejacket during the presentation and prizes, to go with the other one he has. Another great trip, apart from the windy conditions, but that's Ireland for you. And now, the lads are lying low, licking their wounds and nursing their aches and pains, before getting back in the swing and taking to the fairways again back home. There's talk of Europe next year.


Courses played

Ring of Kerry

Dooks (Twice)

Killarney Mahoney's Point

Skillig Bay, Waterville