The 2010 Tour - Valle del Este, Almeria, Spain

On the 22nd May 2010, history was made. The Wild Drivers arrived in Almeria for their 1st Spanish tour, to be greeted as usual by a huge crowd of golfing fans, clamouring to get sight of, or speak to the boys as they made their way to the luxury air conditioned bus for the short journey to Valle Del Este. The golfing complex here was top notch and the Wild Drivers settled in to the surroundings without difficulty, apart from one exception. NO GUINNESS!!!! What? NO GUINNESS??? WHY?? The Wild Drivers drink Guinness, and there is none? Oh dear! Oh dear, dear! Well, spanish lager will have to do, and do yers know what. It ain't bad, at all, at all. So - on to golf. Boy - take at look at those Wild Drivers in shorts. All those bits of flesh on view! Wow! But the sun was hot, the boys were wiltin', but there was the swimmin' pool afterwards where swimmin' races (feet first) took place. Twelve WDs in a row monopolisin' the pool. You know who kept winnin'? Yes - Frisco Pete. He could swim faster than a flippin' dolphin! And wi' his hands and feet tied up! Tommy Ball took the Sir A Roger cup (in mint condition) with a stormin' round at Mundo Aguilon, and Tony Hobin took the Green Jacket home, following an outstandin' week of golf - did anybody check his scorecards properly? Snakes & scorpions were abundant at Desert Springs golf course, but did that deter the Wild Drivers from entering the rough? Not a bit of it, and in bare legs too! Biggles Ellery reckons he saw a snake, a big one, a BIG BIG one, but do you believe him? Seven hundred and forty four pints of spanish lager were consumed, one bottle of water, and two hundred and sixty eight gin & tonics. Oh, and four cups of coffee. Another quite stunning week, which the boys are now trying to recover from. Where next? Who knows! Enjoy the pictures.

Courses played

Valle Del Este

Desert Springs

Mundo Aguilon