The 2009 Tour - Dungarvin & Kilkenny

Once again, the Wild Drivers converged on Ireland, meeting up at Dublin airport on the 23rd May to rapturous applause from the many fans who follow the boys on their worldwide adventures. Lennie Fitzsimmons joined the boys on the tour, and that irish Wild Driver Patrick (the goat) McGinty (a good Cork man) also joined us for the 1st day's play. With 'Arthur McBride' (sung by Paul Brady) bringing music to the ears, the Wild drivers headed for Dungarvin, and the comfort of Lawlors Hotel in the town centre. Biggle's early power nap on Monday evening, courtesy of Arthur Guinness, seemed to have prepared him well for the week. He won the Sir A Roger trophy!!! For the 2nd time!!! The golf was great, the sun shone, no wet gear needed, the fans were everywhere, the craic was outstanding, and the boys got through 739 pints of Guinness during the week. And up to Kilkenny mid-week to play Mount Juliet, where yer man himself, Godfrey, nearly had a hole in one on the 3rd hole. Ryans Bar in Kilkenny was simply brilliant for its live music, and Tom, Kevin & Lennie enjoyed the late nights, whilst  the old farts retired gracefully before midnight. A stunning week in a place where life is lived to the full, and one in which the Sir A Roger cup, in mint condition, returned once again to the UK.

Courses Played

West Waterford Golf Club

Dungarvin Golf Club

The Gold Coast Golf Club

Gowran Park Golf Club

Mount Juliet Golf Club

Kilerigg Golf Club