The 2007 Tour - Tipperary & Co. Clare, Ireland

So, at the request of the Irish Tourist Board & the R & A, the Wild Drivers returned to the south of Ireland for the latest tour, to be greeted at Shannon airport by devoted golfing fanatics from all over the world. Most had just left the Irish Open at Adare, and knew that another great week awaited them. Roy Wharton joined the Wild Drivers for the 1st part of the week, Patrick (McGinty) O'Sullivan (minus the goat), our Wild Driver companion from Cork joined the boys at Thurles golf club, and Tom Ball arrived mid-week to sample the Irish hospitality for his first time. The tour hotel in Ballykisteen, near Tipperary, laid on a great welcome and the Wild Drivers took in a catwalk show of Irish damsels displaying their finery, supplemented with fine champagne & other nice trimmings! It is indeed a long long way to Tipperary, but well worth it. If yer ever get there, look in at Kickham's for the music & the craic. The weather as usual was exceptional, with just a 5 minute spell of Irish hailstones at Ballykisteen, proper ones the shape of Shamrocks, but they were gone in no time. As yers might expect, the Guinness was up to its usual standard & the brewery made sure that ample supplies were available down in this great part of the world. 87 gallons, 3 and a half pointes of Guinness and two bottles of still water were consumed. Two tubes of scutty cream were used, and Simon did not need to buy any new boxers or socks this time. He just wore the same pair every day!

And - if yers ever visit Thurles, yer must look in at 'Glasheens' where Eamonn Glasheen & his boys, particularly Darrah will try to lead you astray with their hospitality. Divils they are, to be sure, to be sure......

The Wild Drivers were invited by Limerick Town Council to their weekly greyhound race meeting and were fortunate enough to fleece the bookies this time following an expensive visit to Galway dogs on an earlier tour.

And so on to Ennis for the back end of the week. A town full of life centred round the Old Ground hotel where Irish music is of the highest quality. The music festival (The Fladh) was in full swing and with news of the Wild Drivers in town, it was difficult to get about without being recognised by autograph hunters. That's life of course, when yer famous. And Dromoland - well, a golf course of great quality, with superb challenges. Good job the Wild Drivers had plenty of  balls with them!

Another great tour over, one of the best, and Peter went off with the Sir Alfred Rogers trophy to keep it Stateside for another year. The green hat was worn by most of the boys during the week, and still is the spur to achieve greatness when playing on a Wild Drivers tour.

Now - sit back & feast yer eyes on the photographs of the tour.

All the best to yers from the boys.

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