The 2002 Tour (County Clare & Galway)

Well, all yers fans out there will be yearnin' to know how the Wild Drivers coped with the wind an' the rain durin' the tour this year. It was hard goin' but we's is a fit bunch, an' with a wee bit of Jameson's Gold to warm the cackles at each tee, no one was complainin'. We stayed in an' around Ennis & Galway, an' the 'fladh' was on (music festival for the dimwits), so we saw the best of the black box accordian, the fiddles, banjos, and this year - the spoons! One of the WD's kept the consumption statistics - 38 litres of red wine, 54 gallons, 3 quarts, & 5 pointes of the black frothy liquer, 4.5 bottles of the Jamesons, 18 double tots of Powers, & 33 bottles o' still water! This year, the San Fransiscan superstar, Pete Hamman, couldn't join the WDs, and our guest this time was John Swarbrick, a swashbucklin' Longtonite. We were also joined by a big leprauchan called Patrick .......... from Cork, who was a bit handy with the clubs. A great toime was had by all, sure indeed now it was.

Courses Played
Lahinch Castle (twice)
Galway Bay Golf & Country Club