Dublin/County Wicklow

Sure indeed now - we all imbibed in County Wicklow, an' Malahide, and we niver saw Marina once! The weather was foine an' dandy, and the golf courses were in great condition. Pity the Wild Drivers weren't in great condition, but with Guinness oilin' the joints, we soon loosened up. This year the boys got through 58 gallons & 2 quarts of the dark frothy stuff, 3 pints of lager, 65 tots of Powers, 27 litres of red wine, an' lived to tell the tale! The Wild Drivers would like to thank all those fans that cheered us down the fairways of County Wicklow. An' there's this place called Beechwood House in Malahide - yer must stay there sometime. The boys lost 273 balls on the thrip - good goin' eh?

Courses visited on the 2001 tour
Charlesland, Greystones
Deuce Mountain
Old Conna, Bray
St Margarets